github chrislusf/seaweedfs 2.04

  • Breaking Changes!
    • S3 Added support for "List" action. Now the previous "Read" permission is split into "Read" and "List". The "Read" permission previously allow reading and listing, but now can only read one file. So your s3 config file should add the "List" action if desired.
    • weed mount -outsideContainerClusterMode now uses volume server publicUrl.
  • Filer, Mount, Hadoop
    • Support retrying to read from alternative locations.
    • Exponential backoff when retrying for failed reads.
  • Mount
    • Mount adds configurable read wait time option -readRetryTime
    • Fix a race condition when recursively deleting large folders #1514
  • Filer
    • Adds a QR code in the file listing page, to make it easy to transfer files with mobile devices.
  • Hadoop 1.5.0
    • Fix reading ORC file tail.
    • Fix error reporting when creating a file or folder.
  • S3
    • Adds "List" and "Tagging" actions for configuring access.
      Bug fixes:
    • Volume: avoid hanging when stopping a volume server
    • Master: check peers for existing leader before starting a leader election #1509
latest releases: 2.71, 2.70, 2.69...
12 months ago