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24 months ago

Release overview

This release just has some config changes to the Docker environment variables.

There is no new version of Pi-Hole in this release.

Backwards incompatible changes

Following with the change to the Pi-Hole base image, the following Docker environment var has been changed and must be updated in your .env file:

Variable Default Value Description
FTLCONF_REPLY_ADDR4 unset <Host's IP> Set to your server's LAN IP, used by web block modes and lighttpd bind address.


DNSMASQ_LISTENING is now set to single by default. Per the Pi-Hole docs:

local listens on all local subnets, all permits listening on internet origin subnets in addition to local, single listens only on the interface specified.

I may introduce a variable for this in a future release.

New variables available

The following variables are now available to be set in the .env file:

Variable Default Value Description
WEBTHEME default-light <"default-dark"|"default-darker"|"default-light"|"default-auto"|"lcars"> User interface theme to use.
PIHOLE_WEBPORT 80 <Port for Pi-Hole web interface> The port used to accessing your Pi-Hole interface. Useful if you're using port 80 for something else on your host

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