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2 months ago
  • Added clink.recognizecommand() function that input line coloring classifiers can use to find whether to color a word as executable. This is the same mechanism Clink uses internally, and the analysis is asynchronous.
  • Now clink.argmatcher(command) may be passed a fully qualified pathname for command to enable different argmatchers for programs with the same name.
  • Fixed argmatcher lookup to favor doskey aliases, so that e.g. "dir" can be aliased to an alternative program but " dir" can invoke the built-in dir command, and they can each have separate argmatchers.
  • Fixed the oncommand event to also fire when the command word offset changes, because adding/removing a leading space can change whether the command is an alias, which can make the typed command word resolve to a different file or program to invoke.
  • Fixed line_state:getcommandoffset() when the first word is quoted.
  • Fixed line_state parsing for input lines such as foo.exe&, so that the exec.enable setting can generate matches properly.
  • Fixed completion so that CMD command names are not among the completions when preceded by a quote.
  • Fixed color.argmatcher color to not overwrite custom colors that may have already been applied.
  • Fixed ^ to not be a word break character when parsing the input line.

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