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2 months ago
  • When argmatcher:addarg() is passed a table containing loopchars="chars" then the chars are treated as delimiters for a single argument, and they do not move on to the next argument slot in the parser.
  • Added clink.parseline() to parse a string into one or more line_state objects.
  • Added os.getdrivetype() to get the drive type for a path; especially useful if your code needs to skip network paths.
  • Added match_builder:setvolatile() to force the matches to be used only once. This makes it possible for match generators to produce different kinds of matches based on what has been typed, e.g. an email address match generator could list user names until @ is typed, and then list domain names.
  • The clink-diagnostics command now lists registered argmatchers when the numeric arg > 1 (Alt-2,Ctrl-x,Ctrl-r).
  • Rewrote the path parsing routines to properly respect UNC paths and \\?\ syntax and \\?\UNC\ syntax.
  • Fixed clink.print(NONL, etc) to not print a TAB character after a NONL that is the first argument.
  • Fixed #329; file completions may be mistakenly marked as directories (regression introduced in v1.2.36; affects only backward compatibility mode).
  • Fixed #326; rl.expandtilde() doesn't have a way to expand tildes everywhere in an input line string.
  • Fixed #325; potential hangs while typing if %PATH% contains a UNC path.

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