github chrisant996/clink v1.3.36

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2 months ago
  • Incremental search in clink-popup-history now centers the found item if it is scrolled out of view.
  • Tilde expansion is supported for all Lua script directory names and for the %CLINK_PROFILE% environment variable (but there is a quirk, and for the profile directory tilde expands to %LOCALAPPDATA% for backward compatibility purposes).
  • Fixed some tilde expansion issues; quotes weren't always recognized, and embedded tildes could in some cases result in malformed paths.
  • Fixed semicolon delimiter in %CLINK_COMPLETIONS_DIR%.
  • Fixed stack exhaustion crash when using inject --profile nul.
  • Fixed detection of device names when coloring command words; a device name anywhere in a path is not a valid executable.

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