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Oops, sorry: If you see "Unable to find latest release zip file" or "Failed to unzip the latest release" or any other updater error, then you will need to manually update (it should only affect Windows 8.x users, or also users in locales where . is not the decimal separator).

Recent highlights:

  • The v1.3.13 release added features that make the i.lua script possible. Argmatchers can now be written to do match completion in directories other than the current directory. Argmatchers can also be written to take a whole command line as an argument: for example the built-in cmd argmatcher (cmd some_command).
  • Clink how has a built-in updater. See Automatic Updates for more information.


  • Fixed how Right and etc work after fully accepting an input line suggestion. It shouldn't immediately show a new suggestion when the current suggestion is fully accepted (until the cursor is moved or the text changes), and win-cursor-forward shouldn't append characters from the previous command (e.g. when clink.default_bindings is windows). Otherwise holding or double-pressing Right can accidentally turn into something the user didn't intend.
  • Fixed double-loading completion script when a command word includes a path component (e.g. "c:\clink_dir\program.exe" mistakenly attempted to load "c:\clink_dir\program.lua" instead of loading "program.lua" from the completions directories).
  • Fixed delayinit argmatchers so they don't get orphaned if a new input line starts before they finish.
  • Fixed file:close() to be able to return the process exit state even after io.popen() or io.popenyield() in a coroutine.

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