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2 months ago

Recent highlights: The v1.3.13 release added features that make the i.lua script possible. Argmatchers can now be written to do match completion in directories other than the current directory. Argmatchers can also be written to take a whole command line as an argument: for example the built-in cmd argmatcher (cmd some_command).

Changes in v1.3.16

  • Added os.sleep().
  • Revised the Clink documentation to directly include the Readline documentation.
  • Fixed executable file detection for file extensions that point at Progids instead of having a shell command.
  • Fixed double help message from history command when invalid flags are used.
  • Fixed crash when file permissions block accessing the history file, and the history command reports an error message accordingly.
  • Fixed #262; changing the terminal width between prompts (while a different program is running) caused Readline to start displaying the input line incorrectly.

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