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2 months ago

Recent highlights: The v1.3.13 release added features that make the i.lua script possible. Argmatchers can now be written to do match completion in directories other than the current directory. Argmatchers can also be written to take a whole command line as an argument: for example the built-in cmd argmatcher (cmd some_command).

Changes in v1.3.15

  • Fixed #269; reverse video could get confused (regression introduced in v1.3, and incompletely fixed in v1.3.4).

Changes in v1.3.14

  • Ctrl+Break can now interrupt some operations, including match display and match generators and the os.globfiles() and os.globdirs() functions in Lua scripts.
  • Added os.issignaled() so Lua scripts can cooperatively interrupt themselves.
  • Improved responsiveness of completion commands when an async prompt filter is still running in the background (io.popen() and os.execute() are serialized in prompt filter coroutines, and are serialized separately in match generator coroutines, but are not serialized in other coroutines).
  • Fixed displaying pasted lines.
  • Fixed doskey aliases in pasted lines.
  • Fixed #268; crash when copy command prompts whether to overwrite a file (regression introduced in v1.3.13).

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