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5 months ago
  • Added back mark-modified-lines support (was removed in v1.2.36).
  • Added rl.ismodifiedline() function so prompt filters can show a modified line indicator if they wish.
  • Added autosuggest.original_case setting (on by default) that controls whether parts of the line are updated to use the suggestion's original capitalization, or to keep the typed capitalization.
  • Added terminal.east_asian_ambiguous setting that controls how the width is determined for the East Asian Ambiguous range of characters (which includes the lambda character). This may help with working around display issues in some terminal hosts.
  • Added help descriptions for many vi mode commands.
  • Improved relevance of completion suggestions by suppressing them when the word at the cursor is empty.
  • The :suggest() function on suggesters can now return a suggestion string and an offset where the suggestion begins in the input line.
  • Fixed a limitation in Readline so that completion-prefix-display-length and colored-completion-prefix can coexist.
  • Fixed when temp files from io.popenyield() get deleted. They were lingering until Lua garbage collection, but they can be deleted almost immediately.
  • Fixed the order of initialization: first the Readline .inputrc config file is loaded, and then Lua scripts are loaded. This enables Lua scripts to reliably override Readline config variables if they wish (for example so a prompt filter can clear emacs-mode-string and print its own keymap indicator as part of the prompt).
  • Fixed transient prompt to not show keymap mode strings or the modified line mark.
  • Fixed vi mode key bindings that can accept suggestions.
  • Fixed missing vi-undo command; it was pre-bound to some keys but could not be bound to any other keys.
  • Fixed the "show help" commands when listing unbound commands: unbound vi mode commands should not be listed in emacs mode because the vi mode commands are only meant to be used in vi mode, and are not meant to be bound to custom keys.
  • Fixed memory leak in suggestions.

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