github chrisant996/clink v1.2.5

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12 months ago
  • Added os.expandenv() function to expand environment variables in a string.
  • Added console.cellcount() function to count the cells a string will use when displayed.
  • Added console.plaintext() function to remove ANSI escape codes from a string.
  • Clink now sets %=clink.bin% that points to the Clink binaries directory. This can be particularly useful for a portable installation of Clink so that scripts can find the Clink binaries directory and construct relative paths to other nearby files.
  • Clean up column alignment in --help texts.
  • Fixed history.sticky_search with anchored history search.
  • Fixed clink inject --profile to use correct log file name while initially injecting.
  • Fixed Clink autorun to be more compatible with Cmder (Cmder #2536).

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