github chrisant996/clink v1.2.49

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5 months ago
  • Added cua-previous-screen-line and cua-next-screen-line, bound to Shift+Up and Shift+Down, to extend the text selection up/down by one screen line.
  • Updated match generator for clink set autosuggest.strategy to list the available suggestion generators.
  • The clink-show-help and clink-popup-show-help commands can include commands that aren't bound to any key, when the numeric argument is 4 (e.g. Alt+4 then Alt+H).
  • The rl.getkeybindings() function takes an optional mode argument to control sorting and whether to include commands that aren't bound to any key.
  • Generating suggestions skips generating match completions when the current word looks like a UNC path. This avoids pauses while typing that would otherwise occur when accessing networked drives.
  • Fixed Alt+Right so it accepts the next word of the suggestion, just like Ctrl+Right does.
  • Fixed the clink-paste command so it sets the mark to the cursor point prior to pasting.
  • Fixed when history.dupe_mode is "erase_prev" and history.shared starts true but changes to false; subsequent commands were not added to the history properly anymore in that session (regression introduced in v1.1.0).
  • Fixed #210; clink-select-complete drawing bug with RPROMPT.

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