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pre-release17 months ago

This should be a pretty solid Beta build.
An official release build is likely to arrive before Christmas this year.

All of the features planned for the first official release from this fork have been completed, and backward compatibility with v0.4.8 seems to be working well.

This is a Beta build, and seems to be working very well for me, even when copied into an existing Cmder\vendor\clink directory. Be sure to make a backup copy of your Cmder installation before copying v1.1.5 into an existing Cmder installation!

Highlights for v1.1.5:

  • The menu-complete family of commands now support matching ? and * wildcards when the match.wild setting is enabled.
  • Added colour.input and colour.modmark settings for coloring Readline's input line.
  • Added clink.upper() Lua function, and both clink.lower() and clink.upper() are properly UTF8 aware now.
  • Added clink-copy-word command that copies the word at the cursor to the clipboard.
  • Added clink.promptfilter setting to control whether to filter the prompt with Lua scripts.
  • Renamed terminal.emulate setting to terminal.emulation.
  • Improved executable file extension logic to consistently use %PATHEXT% (and efficiently).
  • Changed colour.hidden setting to not be set by default.
  • Fixed #28 Tab completion for "~" does not work.
  • Fixed #25 Unicode surrogate pairs (and emoji) input isn't working -- Microsoft Terminal renders the text correctly, but ConEmu and the default conhost still don't (and that isn't a Clink issue).
  • Fixed screen size bug in Readline on Windows.
  • Fixed the backwards values in the terminal.emulation setting.
  • Fixed .... so it works properly again.
  • Fixed case sensitive sorting of matches.
  • Fixed the exec.cwd Clink setting to default to true, so that the default behavior is consistent with how v0.4.x behaved.
  • Various other fixes; see CHANGES for more info.

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