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pre-release14 months ago

This is a release candidate build.

This release candidate build seems to be working very well for me, even when copied into an existing Cmder\vendor\clink directory. Be sure to make a backup copy of your Cmder installation before copying Clink into an existing Cmder installation!

If this release candidate survives for 1 week without needing to be updated, the version number will be updated and it will become an official release version.


  • Added support for many more key bindings, such as Ctrl+Shift+Letter keys.
  • Added terminal.differentiate_keys setting that when enabled allows binding Ctrl + H or I or M or [ separately from Backspace, Tab, Return, or Escape.
  • Removed terminal.modify_other_keys setting and made it always enabled.
  • Changed terminal.use_altgr_substitute to be disabled by default so that Ctrl+Alt key bindings can work by default on keyboards with AltGr.
  • Changed output from clink echo so it's directly usable in the inputrc files.
  • Fixed terminal.use_altgr_substitute to only affect AltGr substitute key combinations (it had always broken the RightAlt key in general on other keyboard layouts).
  • Fixed a benign issue with the console input mode in clink echo.

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