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pre-release15 months ago

This is a release candidate build.

This release candidate build seems to be working very well for me, even when copied into an existing Cmder\vendor\clink directory. Be sure to make a backup copy of your Cmder installation before copying Clink into an existing Cmder installation!

(Yes, it's been hovering in release candidates for a while. That's because bugs keep being found that are important enough to fix before an official release. The goal is for this to be a quality-driven release, more than a date-driven release.)

Highlights for v1.1.24:

  • auto for terminal.emulation now uses native VT support on Windows 10 build 15063 and higher, unless the HKCU\Console\ForceV2 regkey is 0.
  • Special quote handling now enables "dir\"fi to complete to "dir\file". CMD simply strips quotes during completion, and now Clink behaves similarly.
  • Breaking Change: line:getword() and line:getendword() now strip quotes from the word. This should generally automagically make existing match generators work even with embedded quotes, but there's a chance that some match generator might need to be updated. This seems like a reasonable compromise, given the general benefit purchased by this breaking change.
  • os:globdirs() and os:globfile() strip quotes from the globpattern in order to behave more like CMD. Embedded quotes are nonsensical and the intended interpretation is clear, so the APIs now help out with that.
  • Fixed #66; crash when injecting into 32 bit cmd.
  • Fixed #64; wrong cursor position when PROMPT contains BEL character.
  • Fixed #62; argmatchers should color -x:"foo" as a flag if -x: is a flag.
  • Fixed #61; argmatchers should not handle completion for text immediately following -flag:. Instead it always uses file completion. A custom generator can be used to override that behavior.
  • Fixed #60; completion fails with multiple slashes.
  • Fixed completion in some circumstances. Readline and Clink didn't always agree on where the word breaks were; now Clink always tells Readline where the word breaks are (so that completion, input colorization, and lua scripts can all work properly and consistently).
  • Fixed 256 color ANSI codes.

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