github chrisant996/clink v1.1.22

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pre-release16 months ago

This is a release candidate build.

This release candidate build seems to be working very well for me, even when copied into an existing Cmder\vendor\clink directory. Be sure to make a backup copy of your Cmder installation before copying Clink into an existing Cmder installation!

Highlights for v1.1.22:

  • Added menu-complete-wraparound (on by default) that controls whether completion commands wrap around when cycling past an end (affects popup windows as well).
  • Fixed match completion getting stuck (regression introduced in v1.1.19).
  • Fixed active mark region so it gets deactivated appropriately (it wasn't hooked up fully for Readline's callback mode, which is how Clink uses it).
  • Fixed clink-show-help (Alt+H) so it's able to list C-@ bindings.
  • Fixed inconsistent mark color.

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