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XCA 2.0.0-pre01

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XCA -- X Certificate and Key Management

Release Notes

  • Make a backup copy of your database!
  • This version completely changes the database format to SQL(ite)
  • Don't try to open it with older versions of XCA (< 1.4.0). They will corrupt the database.
  • The "Undelete" feature is currently not implemented. If an item gets deleted, it will be lost!
  • Send bugs to


xca 2.0.0-pre01

  • Close GitHub Bug #5: Exporting a private key results
    in too-permissive permissions
  • Close GitHub Bug #4: Workaround QT bug of editing in QDateTimeEdit
  • Fix display of dates in the Certificate details (local time displayed a GMT)
  • The internal name is not neccessarily unique anymore and can be edited
    in the details dialog as well as the comment.
  • CSR signing is now statically stored in the database and the comment
    of the issued certificate.
  • Private keys in the database are PKCS#8 encrypted and can be exported
    and decrypted without XCA.
  • No more incrementing serials. Only unique random serial numbers.
  • "xca_db_stat" application removed. Use the SQLite3 browser "sqlitebrowser".
  • "xca extract" functionality removed. SQL views may be used instead.
  • Each item may be commented. XCA itself comments important events in the item.
  • Each item knows its time and origin of appearance.
  • Change database format to SQL(ite) and support MySQL and PostgreSQL.

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