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XCA 1.4.0

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4 years ago

Release Notes


xca 1.4.0

  • Update OpenSSL version for MacOSX and W32 to 1.1.0g
  • Change default hash to SHA-256 and
    add a warning if the default hash algorithm is SHA1 or less
  • Switch to Qt5 for Windows build and installation
  • Do not apply the default template when creating a similar cert
  • Close SF #120 Crash when importing CA certificate
  • Close SF #116 db_x509.cpp:521: Mismatching allocation and deallocation
  • Add support for OpenSSL 1.1 (by Patrick Monnerat)
  • Support generating an OpenSSL "index.txt" (by Adam Dawidowski)
  • Thales nCipher key generation changes for EC and DSA keys
  • Add Slovak translation

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