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XCA 1.3.0

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4 years ago

Release Notes


xca 1.3.0

  • Update to OpenSSL 1.0.2d for Windows and MAC
  • SF Bug #105 1.2.0 OS X Retina Display Support
  • Digitaly sign Windows and MAC binaries with a valid certificate
  • Refactor the context menu. Exporting many selected items the clipboard or a PEM file now works. Certificate renewal and revocation now be performed on a batch of certificates.
  • Feat. Reg. #83 Option to revoke old certificate when renewing
  • Refactor revocation handling. All revocation information is with the CA and may be modified. certificates may now be deleted from the database
  • Support nameConstraints, policyMappings, InhibitAnyPolicy, PolicyConstraint (OSCP)noCheck when transforming certificates to templates or OpenSSL configs
  • Fix SF Bug #104 Export to template introduces spaces
  • Add option for disabling legacy Netscape extensions
  • Support exporting SSH2 public key to the clipboard
  • SF Bug #102 Weak entropy source used for key generation: /dev/random, mouse/kbd entropy, token RNG
  • SF Feat. Req. #80 Create new certificate, on existing certificate, same for requests
  • Add Cert/Req Column for Signature Algorithm
  • SF Feat. Req. #81 Show key size in New Certificate dialog
  • Distinguish export from transform: Export writes to an external file, Transform generates another XCA item

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