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15 months ago

v2.5.0 Release Notes

New Features


  • Add controller.securityContext and dashboard.securityContext to Helm chart #3603
  • StressChaos: Support cgroups v2 #3698


  • Fixed: Fix typo in controller error message #3704
  • Fixed: Fix panic when logging, log kvs as pair #3716
  • Fixed: Fix timechaos not injected into the child process #3725
  • Fixed: Ignore ScheduleSkipRemoveHistory events to fix the memory of controller-manager keep increasing #3761
  • Fixed: Update is mandatory to true in a swagger comment #3743
  • Fixed: Enable mode when creating PhysicalMachineChaos with addresses in UI #3797


  • Sign Container Images #3708 #3766
  • Remove the explicit use of pingcap/log #3674

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