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v2.4.0-beta.0 Release Notes

This is the pre-release for the next minor version of Chaos Mesh. DO NOT USE IT IN PRODUCTION.

For more details, see this discussion: #3256


  • Add support for PhysicalMachine in UI #3624


  • Replace io/ioutil package with os package. #3539
  • Refine logging in pkg/dashboard/apiserver/event, moved package level variable log into struct Service as a field. #3528
  • Refine logging in pkg/dashboard/apiserver/auth/gcp, moved package level variable log into struct Service as a field #3527
  • Change e2e config settings to append "pause image" args. #3567
  • Update display of disabled scope in UI #3621
  • Make the Scope render conditionally #3622
  • Dashboard: Fix rbac.yaml for token generation verbs/resources #3370
  • Refine logging, remove the usage of klog in event recorder #3629
  • Use int64 to restore latency for BlockChaos #3638
  • Remove CRD v1beta1 support #3630


  • Nothing


  • Nothing


  • Protect chaos available namespace and filter namespaces if needed #3473
  • Respect flag enableProfiling and do not register profiler endpoints when it's false #3474
  • Fix the blank screen after creating chaos experiment with "By YAML" #3489
  • Update hint text about the manual token generating process for Kubernetes 1.24+ #3505
  • fix NetworkChaos fail with @ifxx in the device #3605
  • Fix IOChaos containerNames field in UI #3533
  • Fix BlockChaos can't show Chinese name. #3536
  • Add omitempty JSON tag to optional fields of the CRD objects. #3531
  • Fix "sidecar config" e2e test cases run failed in some scenario.#3564
  • Fix recover bug when setting force recover to true #3578
  • Fix Integration test with bumping kubectl version. #3589
  • Fix generate token failed on chaos dashboard #3595
  • Remove limit action of BlockChaos in the dashboard #3655
  • Sync PhysicalMachineChaos to API client and forms #3660


  • Nothing

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