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pre-release20 months ago

v2.3.0-alpha.4 Release Notes

This is the pre-release for the next minor version of Chaos Mesh. DO NOT USE IT IN PRODUCTION.

For more details, see this discussion: #3256



  • Add RemoteCluster resource type #3342
  • Add clusterregistry package to help developers to develop multi-cluster reconciler #3342
  • Add implementation of blockchaos in chaos-daemon #2907
  • Bump chaos-tproxy to v0.5.1 #3412


  • Make possible to have more than one dns chaos server #3381
  • Helm charts: Relax allowedHostPaths in chaos-daemon PSP #3350
  • Run build image ci on self-hosted machine #3429
  • Simplified logic and add test case about finalizers. #3422


  • Remove sed need (SC2001) #3248


  • JVMChaos: update the error message that can be ignored #3415

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