github chaos-mesh/chaos-mesh v2.0.0-beta.2

latest releases: v2.6.3, chart-2.6.3, v2.6.2...
pre-release2 years ago

New Features

  • Search function supported for Workflow, Schedules, Experiments and Archives on the Chaos Dashboard navbar #2006
  • Create arbitrary complexity workflows on Chaos Dashboard #2015


  • Avoid aggregation of Chaos for more detailed event #2002
  • Helm: environment variable name fixed #2004
  • Integration tests for workflow added #1980
  • Validation webhook for workflow added #2028
  • Runs default before validate schedule chaos #2034

Bug Fixes

  • Updated: outdated workflow example #2012
  • Fixed: gitVersion when released #2005
  • Fixed: Helm upgrade also recreates Chaos Dashboard #1996
  • Fixed: task node can also be triggered by child workflow node #2044

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