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v2.0.0-beta.1 Release Notes

We are excited to release the Chaos Mesh 2.0 beta.1! We have a huge refactor of the chaos controller, chaos can now be more accurately and easily described. We have also introduced a new concept: Schedule, which means running Chaos Experiments with cron. With the help of Workflow, Chaos Mesh now supports orchestrating multiple Chaos and Schedule serially or parallely. HTTPChaos is also supported, which lets you hijack requests and responses on server-side HTTP applications. The Chaos Dashboard has also been updated for using these new features!

Breaking Changes & Migration

There have been some breaking changes to the Custom Resource Definition, if you want to upgrade from v1.x.x to v2.x.x, please follow this document.

New Features


  • Unified selector #1578
  • New concept: Schedule, representing running chaos experiments cronly #1713 #1861 #1942
  • Custom pause image for Pod Failure Chaos #1981

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: could not delete last token on Chaos Dashboard #1873
  • Fixed: Move UnlockOSThread before ptrace error #1888

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