github chaos-mesh/chaos-mesh v1.1.3

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2 years ago

This patch release includes some bug fixes for Controller Manager and Chaos Dashboard.


  • Supports enabling hostNetwork for Chaos Dashboard in Helm #1667
  • Supports defining size for Memory StressChaos #1672
  • Supports verifying token in advance to prevent submitting obviously false tokens #1572


  • Fixed unstable e2e tests TimeSkew/StartAtWaiting by setting NetRecover with cron expression #1593
  • Added RetryOnConflict on update actions #1594
  • Fixed the issue where paused chaos experiment can’t be restarted #1596
  • Fixed the issue where admission webhook denied the request even if user has the right to create chaos resource #1689
  • Chaos Dashboard
    • Fixed Chaos Dashboard panic #1595
    • Fixed duplicated token name in Chaos Dashboard #1652
    • Fixed events chart regeneration in different window sizes for Chaos Dashboard #1673

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