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2 years ago

This patch release includes some bug fixes for Chaos Dashboard and NetworkChaos.


  • Adds helm parameter to annotate dashboard service #1443
  • Makefile: adds options to build images on ARM platform #1553
  • Chaos Dashboard
    • Supports set GracePeriod field when creating PodChaos in Dashboard #1471
    • Changes stress workers’ default value to zero when creating StressChaos in Dashboard #1524
    • Now the LabelField will submit a label automatically when losing the focus on the text field #1563


  • Chaos Dashboard
    • Fixed bugs when creating StressChaos in Dashboard #1471
    • Fixed a few problems related to the interface #1501
    • Validates selector authority in admission webhook #1560
  • Chaos Daemon: Docker client returns an error if the pid is zero #1445
  • Fixed the state of chaos experiment when creating a pod-kill action #1479
  • Fixed the issue where NetworChaos may not work normally when the Linux kernel is less than 3.12 #1456
  • Fixed the issue both direction didn’t work normally when the target and external targets are both empty #1511
  • Fixed the issue where chaos experiment would directly start when it got applied, even if the cron is not configured so #1518
  • Fixed meaningless retry operations caused by updates of the statue field #1549

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