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3 years ago

This patch release includes some bug fixes for Chaos Dashboard and IoChaos.


  • Supports setting node selector when deploying chaos-daemon #1382


  • Chaos Dashboard
    • Chore: delete archives also delete related events #1372
    • Fixed: missing stressors checking #1391
    • Fixed: scope pods' isolation problem #1399
    • Fixed: sets config for sqlite3 to avoid error database is locked #1413
    • Fixed: resets failed message when applying chaos action successfully #1429
    • Fixed: corrects the scheduler and annotation filling after loading an experiment from LoadFrom or external #1438
  • toda
    • Fixes ENOENT after renaming files ba1783
    • Fixes failing to detach if the process has died f96954
    • Ignores ESRCH when attaching tasks 2a4192
    • Fixes the behavior of utimensat 6dd650
    • Fixes unexpected lock before injecting latency
    • Fixes ENOENT caused by inode cache

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