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3 years ago

Chaos Mesh v1.1.0 refactors Chaos Dashboard component and makes it easier to use, and introduces authentication to restrict users’ permissions and actions. We also implemented DNSChaos to help users simulate DNS failures. In addition, to help users debug Chaos Mesh, we introduced a new tool, chaosctl, to provide debug information.

New Feature & Enhancements

  • Refactors Chaos Dashboard and supports authentication
    • Refactors dashboard homepage and some visible changes #1285
    • Adds authority for archiving experiments and events #1261
    • Sets ns automatically #1343
    • Supports set config to disable token #1249
    • Supports using token generating from Kubernetes to login #1188
    • Adds networkchaos external targets in dashboard #1168
    • Uses YAML format as experiment description #1029
    • Adds global search for events, experiments, and archives #1034
  • chaosdaemon: supports more tc filters #1309 #1325
  • chaosdaemon: makes network device configuration #1242
  • Makes selector support expression selectors #1277
  • Implements chaosctl tool for print debug info #1074
  • Supports set protocol for iptables and tc, make it compatible with chaos-daemon #1179
  • Improves controllers #1014 #1256 #1221
  • IoChaos: supports specifying container name #1159
  • Implements DNSChaos to simulate DNS failures #1039 #935
  • Adds host-network flag in #954
  • Updates toda to v0.1.11 #1367

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: fail to reuse archived experiment by chaos-dashboard #1323

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