github chaos-mesh/chaos-mesh v1.0.2

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3 years ago

This patch release has some fixes for IoChaos and Chaos Dashboard.


  • Disable privileged mode when deploying Chaos Daemon component #1126
  • Update toda to v0.1.8 #1146


  • Import more DB drivers to fix the issue that MySQL cannot be used as the DB store #1076
  • Some fixes for Chaos Dashboard
    • Fix error handling in Chaos Dashboard to avoid panic #1105
    • Update API response and add the response to POST/PUT request #1119
    • Make Chaos Dashboard be compilable with namespace scoped mode #1135
    • Fix unexpected namespace via "Load From Archives" during creating a new experiment #1128
    • Fix repeated pod records in chaos event #1141
    • Fix the failure of resubmission experiment after failed to submit a chaos experiment #1158

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