github cesanta/mongoose 7.7
Mongoose 7.7

latest releases: 7.9, 7.8
10 months ago
  • Added an experimental embedded TCP/IP stack
  • Added MG_ARCH_RTX Keil MDK RTX support
  • Added MG_ARCH_TIRTOS TI RTOS support
  • Added Keil MDK tutorial
  • Added TI RTOS example
  • Added Zephyr support and 4 TLS-enabled examples
  • Enhanced device dashboard example
  • Changed mg_hexdump() to use logging instead of malloc-ing hex string
  • Refactored multithreading API, enabled bidirectional IO
  • Fixed TLS buffering issue
  • Fixed up / enhanced many util functions
  • Fixed MQTT suback handling
  • Introduced MG_ENABLE_CUSTOM_MILLIS for custom uptime functions
  • Fixed DNS failure handling
  • Added more unit tests - for failed auth TLS validation and others
  • Added valgrind tests
  • Fixed HTTP chunk handling
  • Using independed mg_snprintf() routine instead of C lib
  • Enhanced docs
  • Enhanced fatfs support

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