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Mongoose 7.6

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14 months ago
  • Fixed mg_check_ip_acl()
  • API change for mg_wakeup() - added ability to pass specific data to the mongoose task
  • API change for mg_mqtt_pub() and mg_mqtt_sub() - using struct mg_str instead of struct mg_str *
  • Added embedded FatFS support, mg_fs_fat
  • API change for mg_http_upload() - added FS parameter
  • API change for struct mg_fs - open and close calls accept void *, not struct mg_fd *
  • Fixed mg_url_port()
  • Added FS parameter to the struct mg_tls, in order to let TLS code to read certs from any FS
  • Fixed DNS resolution issue: propagating DNS errors to the resolving connection
  • Added ability to override stat() call for POSIX FS
  • Improved UDP - not calling connect()
  • Added SSDP search example
  • Added huge-response example
  • Added realpath() convenience macro for Win32
  • Use int64_t for millisecond values in timers and for mg_millis()
  • Removed mg_time() and usleep()
  • Made mongoose friendly to the baremetal Keil build

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