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Mongoose 7.4

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17 months ago
  • Added example for NXP RT1020 on Microsoft AzureOS
  • Added support for Microsoft AzureOS
  • Better diagnostics in mg_open_listener, #1359
  • Including ipv6 wrapping brackets [] in the result of mg_url_host()
  • Support multiple serving directories (web roots): opts.root_dir = "/path1,/uri1=/some/other/path". See 2139fbc
  • Security enhancement in MQTT codepath
  • Removed realpath() from the virtualised FS API
  • Enhanced OpenSSL handshake codepath
  • API change mg_iobuf_{append,delete} -> mg_iobuf_{add,del}
  • Added WS defragmentation logic
  • Added Add mg_check_ip_acl()
  • API change: mg_next_comma_entry() -> mg_commalist()
  • Added stm32-nucleo-f746z example
  • Fixed HTTP chunk handling for larger chunks
  • Enhanced FREERTOS + LWIP support - works out of the box!
  • Refactored mg_mkpipe() and multithreading support
  • Sending MG_EV_WS_OPEN to server connections, too
  • Added MQTT over Websocket example
  • Added virtualised FS support and built-in ability to pack static files into server binary and serve files without a "real" FS
  • Added RISCV target to unit test

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