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Mongoose 7.3

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20 months ago
  • Improved SSI file serving: added Content-Type header
  • Improved compiler compatibility, using traditional header guards instead of #pragma one
  • When listening on port 0, exposing the actual port
  • Disabled SSL 1.1 for OpenSSL
  • Fixed C++ mg_str constructor shadowing
  • Using FD_CLOEXEC on opened sockets on UNIX-like systems
  • Support for new mbedtls 3.x
  • Improved C++ interop with #ifdef __cplusplus
  • Improved MQTT API: added qos and retain params to mg_mqtt_{pub,sub}
  • Optimised RAM usage - mg_iobuf_append()
  • Added stm32f7 example with FreeRTOS+TCP stack
  • Re-enabled Range header support (partial downloads)
  • Multiple documentation fixes
  • Improved mg_random() for Espressif builds
  • Added multiple unit tests
  • Added an ability to load mbedTLS certs from memory
  • Added multipart form upload

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