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Mongoose 7.0

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2 years ago


This is a major release, aimed primarily at refactoring and cleanup of the codebase. The main focus is made on the embedded usage.
The documentation has been fully revamped, and published at Porting from the 6.x version is not straightforward, despite all concepts stayed intact. The major changes include:

  • CGI support has been removed

  • WebDAV support has been removed

  • Socks5 support has been factored to the example

  • Digest auth support has been removed. The anticipated usage is Basic + TLS

  • Mongoose documentation

Non-amalgamated sources

The non-amalgamated sources are kept in src/, and amalgamation is performed by Makefile. Set -DMG_ENABLE_LINES compiler option to enable non-amalgamated diagnostics.

CI tests and coverage

A Circle CI tests are established, to test on the common platforms and compilers, for both ISO C and ISO C++ mode. Also, an automatic test coverage tracking is performed.

The plan for the next releases is to add platform-specific examples (like for ESP32, STM32, etc) and integrate them into CI, to ensure they do not break as development continues.

Continuous fuzzing test

Mongoose is integrated into Google's service, to enable continuous fuzzing code tests. This helps to find security issues early on.

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