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Mongoose 6.5

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6 years ago


  • Improved TI CC3200 support
    • Newly-rewritten SimpleLink socket handler
    • Added support for SSL
    • NWP restart hook: sl_restart_cb should be invoked by the user to re-init listeners after NWP restart
  • Dedicated JSON Library
    • Support for JSON serialisation/deserialisation has been moved back to a dedicated library (Frozen). It has seen major improvements - printf/scanf like API has been implemented, making parsing and emitting JSON easy and convenient. Users that need JSON functionality are encouraged to check out Frozen.
    • JSON-RPC support is no longer available as part of Mongoose
  • CGI: REMOTE_ADDR and SERVER_PORT variables are now passed to the scripts
  • Fixed a memory leak in mg_connect_ws_opt
  • Fixed issues with HTTP keep-alive connections
  • Other minor fixes


Windows and Mac binaries are available for download from the website.


Mongoose is available under GPLv2. Commercial use requires a license, please contact us for terms.


Community support can be found on our forum. Commercial support options are available separately by contacting us.

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