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7 years ago

What's new in the Mongoose Library

  • WebDAV support improvements. With a just a couple of lines of code your web server is ready to serve WebDAV and can be mounted as a network drive in very different clients, like Finder on MacOS, Explorer on Windows and Nemo, Nautilus (and others) on Linux. Just add dav_document_root to initialization parameters and your are ready to go. See simplest_web_server example.
  • Timer support. Mongoose 6.2 introduces new event - MG_EV_TIMER. With event and new API function mg_set_timer things like connection timeout (and a lot of another timeout-related features) can be easily implemented. Call mg_set_timer(my_connection, time(NULL) + N) and my_connection will receive MG_EV_TIMER once N seconds is elapsed. Sub-second precision is also supported, and the mg_time function which returns current time as a fraction floating point value has been added.
    See API documentation for more details.

Other changes:

  • MG_EV_CLOSE is now always delivered before connection is destroyed. This should simplify cleanup.
  • New API function: mg_url_decode to decode URL-encoded string.
  • g++ and Microsoft Visual Studio support was improved

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