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Mongoose 6.12

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4 years ago

Security fix

This release fixes a security issue, reported at

( Fix body length calculation in mg_handle_cgi)

Change List:

  • Add mg_url_encode_opt() - a parametrized version of mg_url_encode()


  • mg_file_upload_handler: Support multiple files

  • Add host name verification for OpenSSL

  • Add mg_strstrip: trims whitespace at both ends of a string

  • Fix http pipelining

  • Fix buffer size passed to inet_ntop()

  • Fix an edge case in multipart HTTP upload parsing

  • Fix mg_http_parse_header (treat ; as a delimiter)

  • mg_lwip: Fix race during clean connection teardown

  • Fix a bug in mg_mgr_init_opt with opts.num_ifaces

  • Fix build with CS_ENABLE_STDIO=0

  • Fix warnings on newer versions of GCC

  • Fix body length calculation in mg_handle_cgi

  • Don't touch send_mbuf when sending MQTT messages

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