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Mongoose 6.0

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7 years ago


This is a major release of Mongoose. It brings new capabilities, making Mongoose a multi-protocol network library rather then only HTTP/Websocket. That means more flexible and rich API. New Mongoose API is not backward-compatible with pre-6.0 versions.

What's New

  • Support for plain TCP, plain UDP
  • Support for Websocket client
  • JSON-RPC client, JSON-RPC server
  • MQTT client, MQTT broker
  • CoAP client, CoAP server
  • DNS client, DNS server, async DNS resolver
  • SSL layer improvements, including modern cryptography support
  • New API

Architecture notes

Pre-6.0 Mongoose was hiding the implementation from the user. Like, internal connection structures, sockets, etc. Mongoose 6.0 opens everything to the user. This has it's pro and cons. The decision to open the guts of the library is to provide power users to take full control over the IO engine. Basic use cases are well covered by the example that are provided in abundance.

Mongoose Editions

Mongoose is available in three editions to suit your integration needs:

  • Mongoose Lite: Cross platform integration, SSL/TLS, HTTP support
  • Mongoose: Mongoose Lite + HTTP CGI, HTTP SSI, HTTP Digest Auth, WebSocket support
  • Mongoose Premium: Mongoose + Plain TCP, UDP, JSON-RPC, MQTT, DNS, CoAP support

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