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Mongoose 5.6

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7 years ago

Changes in Libmongoose library:

  • Added -dav_root configuration option that gives an ability to mount
    a different root directory (not document_root)
  • Fixes for build under Win23 and MinGW
  • Bugfix: Double dots removal
  • Bugfix: final chunked response double-send
  • Fixed compilation in 64-bit environments
  • Added OS/2 compatibility
  • Added getaddrinfo() call and NS_ENABLE_GETADDRINFO
  • Various SSL-related fixes
  • Added integer overflow protection in iobuf_append() and deliver_websocket_frame()
  • Fixed NetBSD build
  • Enabled NS_ENABLE_IPV6 build for Visual Studio 2008+
  • Enhanced comma detection in parse_header()
  • Fixed unchanged memory accesses on ARM
  • Added ability to use custom memory allocator through NS_MALLOC, NS_FREE, NS_REALLOC

Changes in Mongoose binary:

  • Added -start_browser option to disable automatic browser launch
  • Added experimental SSL support. To listen on HTTPS port, use ssl://PORT:SSL_CERT format. For example, to listen on HTTP port 8080 and HTTPS port 8043, use -listening_port 8080,ssl://8043:ssl_cert.pem

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