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Mongoose 5.5

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7 years ago

Changes in Libmongoose library:

  • Added new API function: mg_forward() for proxying functionality
  • Added new API function: mg_send_file_data() for sending file data
  • Added new utility API functions: mg_mmap() and mg_munmap()
  • Changed the way SSL settings are handled: removed ssl_certificate and
    ssl_ca_certificate options, and instead made listening_port accept
    ssl://PORT:SSL_CERT:CA_CERT notation
  • Added ability to listen on multiple ports, see listening_port documentation
  • Added enable_proxy option
  • Added cookie_authentication example
  • Added websocket_ssl_proxy example
  • Added http_client example
  • Increased default 'idle connection' timeout from 30 to 300 seconds
  • Fixed MinGW build
  • Refactored all examples, put each in it's own directory with dedicated build
  • Many smaller bugfixed, including SSL, CGI, API, proxy, etc

Changes in pre-compiled binaries:

  • Support for multiple listening ports
  • Fixed CGI handling for scripts that specify interpreter in the hashbang line

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