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Mongoose 5.4

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7 years ago

Changes in Libmongoose library:

  • Added hexdump_file option for low-level request/reply debugging
  • Added mg_template() API function for generating HTML pages from
    templates with expansions
  • Fixed struct mg_connection::local_ip handling, mg_set_option()
    behavior with NULL values
  • Added mg_send_file() call to send arbitrary file to the client
  • Added mg_terminate_ssl() for SSL termination functionality
  • Added HTTP proxy support, enable_proxy config option
  • Added mg_next() for iterating over existing active connections
  • Added client-side SSL auth, ssl_ca_certificate option
  • Added mg_wakeup_server_ex() for pushing messages to existing connections
  • Added MG_WS_HANDSHAKE and MG_WS_CONNECT events that are sent on
    Websocket handshake is connection establishment, respectively
  • Removed server-side Lua support
  • Filesystem access, reading from socket/SSL performance improvements
  • DAV PROPFIND memory leak fixed
  • Added big_upload.c and enhanced upload.c example
  • Added proxy.c example that demonstrates proxy functionality and SSE pushes
  • Added websocket2.c example that shows simple web chat implementation
    over websockets
  • Various minor fixes

Changes in pre-compiled binaries:

  • Created HTML administration console
  • When server is started, browser is started automatically
  • Fixed directory listing bug when directory contains # character
  • Removed built-in Lua Server Pages in the binary, and instead
    added Mongoose + Lua developer bundle which has Lua Server Pages support.
    That also solves external Lua modules loading problem.

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