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Mongoose 5.3

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7 years ago

Changes in Libmongoose library:

  • Moved to the evented API. Updated API documentation is at
  • Added MG_LUA event for exporting custom variables to the Lua environment
  • Added virtual hosts capability, see url_rewrites option description at
  • Added mjpg serving example
  • Cleaned up and documented HTTP client API, with unit tests
  • Added mg_wakeup_server() to awaken mg_poll_server()
    from another thread
  • Moved Mongoose IO core to [](Net Skeleton)
  • Added connection hexdump functionality for developers
  • Bug fixes

Changes in pre-compiled binaries:

  • New awesome Mongoose logos by our designer Katrin - thanks Katrin!
    Check them out at
  • Added Lua Server Pages support to the free version, quick intro is at
  • Added quick "Set shared directory" menu item to set document_root
  • Added SSI support to the Pro version
  • Removed SSL support from the Pro version

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