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Mongoose 5.0

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7 years ago
  • Internal core has been changed from blocking, thread-per-connection to
    non-blocking, asynchronous, one thread for all.
  • API modification for server creation and response creation. That allowed
    keep-alive support for dynamic requests, boosting the embedded performance
    to 100+ thousands requests per second on a single core
    (as measured on my development MacBook laptop)
  • Unified handling of POST requests and Websocket requests by putting a
    payload into conn->content, conn->content_len attributes.
    That simplified user code and eliminated the need of mg_read(),
    since mongoose buffers all data prior to calling the callback
  • Keep-alive support is the default
  • Dropped SSI support and throttling support
  • Several configuraition parameters are gone:
    • cgi_environment (replaced with MONGOOSE_CGI),
    • protect_uri (not useful)
    • ssi_pattern (SSI support is gone)
    • throttle (throttling support is gone)
    • error_log_file (not used)
    • enable_keep_alive (enabled by default)
    • listening_ports (renamed to listening_port)
    • num_threads (core has changed to single thread)
    • put_delete_auth_file (renamed to dav_auth_file)
    • authentication_domain (renamed to auth_domain)
  • Due to the async, non-blocking nature of the core, few restrictions
    are now in place:
    • user callbacks must not block
    • POST and Websocket data are now buffered, and cannot be huge
  • mongoose is now capable on listening on only one port

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