github cert-manager/cert-manager v1.7.1

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6 months ago

cert-manager is the easiest way to automatically manage certificates in Kubernetes and OpenShift clusters.

Version 1.7.1 fixes a bug which was discovered in 1.7.0 relating to the new additionalOutputFormat feature.

Changelog since v1.7.0

Bug or Regression

  • Fix: The alpha feature Certificate's additionalOutputFormats is now correctly validated at admission time, and no longer only validated if the privateKey field of the Certificate is set. The Webhook component now contains a separate feature set.
    AdditionalCertificateOutputFormats feature gate (disabled by default) has been added to the webhook. This gate is required to be enabled on both the controller and webhook components in order to make use of the Certificate's additionalOutputFormat feature. (#4816, @JoshVanL)

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