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Changes by Kind

Following their deprecation in version 1.5, the cert-manager APIVersions v1alpha2, v1alpha3, and v1beta1 have been removed.
You must ensure that all cert-manager custom resources are stored in etcd at version v1 and all cert-manager CustomResourceDefinitions have only v1 as the stored version. Please see documentation for how to do this.


  • Add support for loading webhook flags/options from a WebhookConfiguration file on disk (#4546, @munnerz)
  • Added a makefile-based build workflow which doesn't depend on bazel (#4554, @SgtCoDFish)
  • Added a new Helm chart parameter "prometheus.servicemonitor.honorLabels", which sets the "honor_labels" field of the Prometheus scrape config. (#4608, @thirdeyenick)
  • Fixed a bug that can cause cmctl version to erroneously display the wrong webhook pod versions when older failed pods are present. (#4616) (#4615, @johnwchadwick)

Other (Cleanup or Flake)

  • Adds clock_time_seconds_gauge metric which returns the current clock time, based on seconds since 1970/01/01 UTC (#4640, @JoshVanL)
  • Adds an automated script for cert-manager developers to update versions of kind used for dev + testing (#4574, @SgtCoDFish)
  • Bump kind image versions (#4593, @SgtCoDFish)
  • Clean up: Remove v1beta1 form the webhook's admissionReviewVersions as cert-manager no longer supports v1.16 (#4639, @JoshVanL)
  • Ensures 1 hour backoff between errored calls for new ACME Orders. (#4616, @irbekrm)
  • No longer log an error when a Certificate is deleted during normal operation. (#4637, @JoshVanL)
  • Removed deprecated API versions from the cert-manager CRDs (#4635, @wallrj)
  • Upgrade Kubernetes dependencies to v0.23.1 (#4675, @munnerz)

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