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4 months ago

v1.6.3 Release Notes

1.6.3 is a minor release rebuilding cert-manager 1.6 using the latest version of Go. This eliminates a few security vulnerabilities which have accumulated in Go since the last release.

We don't believe any of those vulnerabilities were practically exploitable or relevant to cert-manager, but we decided to rebuild to keep up to date anyway.

Changelog since cert-manager 1.6.2

Bug or Regression

  • Bumps the version of Go used to build the cert-manager binaries to 1.17.8, to fix a slew of CVEs (none of which were likely to be exploited) (#4975, @vhosakot)
  • Fixes an expired hardcoded certificate which broke unit tests (#4977, @SgtCoDFish @jakexks)

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