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12 months ago

Release notes for release-1.5

The CRDs for the cert-manager v1beta1 API were mistakenly changed in cert-manager v1.5.0. If you
installed the CRDs for v1.5.0, you should upgrade your CRDs to v1.5.1.

The only affected API version is v1beta1, so if you're using the latest version - v1 - you won't
be affected by the CRD changes. It's worth upgrading to v1 in any case, since v1alpha2, v1alpha3 and
v1beta1 are all deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

Changelog since v1.5.0

Changes by Kind

Bug or Regression

  • Fix v1beta1 CRDs which were accidentally changed in cert-manager v1.5.0 (#4355, @jetstack-bot)

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