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Release notes for v1.4.0-beta.1

Changelog since v1.4.0-beta.0

Changes by Kind


Bug or Regression

  • Fixes a bug where the default cert renewal duration (30d) was clashing with the duration of certs issued by Vault PKI. All Certificates are now renewed 2/3 through the duration unless custom renew period specified by setting spec.renewBefore on the Certificate. (#4092, @irbekrm)
  • REVERTS: The ACME issuer now constructs a certificate chain after signing, and populates the CertificateRequest.Status.CA with the root most certificate if available. (#4074, @JoshVanL)

Other (Cleanup or Flake)

  • Testing: Adds Kubernetes CertificateSigningRequest CA Issuer E2E tests. (#4081, @JoshVanL)



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