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Changes by Kind


  • Acme: surface the 'reason' for Order's failing on Certificate & CertificateRequest resources for easier debugging of failures (#3075, @munnerz)
  • Add a hostedZoneName field to Cloud DNS (#2975, @meyskens)
  • Add information about the CertificateRequest resource related to the Certificate to the output of the status certificate command. (#3090, @hzhou97)
  • Add new ctl command that outputs the details of the current status of a Certificate resource (#3026, @hzhou97)
  • Kubectl cert-manager: Added flags to wait for the CertificateRequest to be ready and store the certificate in a file. (#3044, @hzhou97)
  • Venafi: make issuance of certificates asynchronous (#2979, @meyskens)

Other (Bug, Cleanup or Flake)

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