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pre-release2 years ago

Changes by Kind


  • Add certificate.spec.keystores stanza and allowing configuring JKS and PKCS12 issuing on a per-Certificate basis (#2824, @munnerz)
  • Add support for Azure Managed Identity (#2681, @gitirabassi)
  • Add support for private key rotation when renewing or re-issuing certificates. This feature requires use of the new 'experimental' certificates controller. Set certificate.spec.privateKey.rotationPolicy to Always to enable this functionality. (#2814, @munnerz)
  • Adds cert-manager-ctl command with version (#2725, @JoshVanL)
  • Support the AuditSink kind in to be a ca injector target. (#2027, @pepov)
  • Adds new extensible issuing certificate (#2782, @JoshVanL)

Other (Bug, Cleanup or Flake)

  • Add license files to /licences/ in Docker images (#2816, @meyskens)
  • Expose webhook deployment container port (#2806, @dewet22)
  • Fix issuing causing CRDs to added to the static manifests twice (#2790, @munnerz)
  • This change will create a limited scope role for the configmaps used in leadership election. This limits the role to just the 3 configmaps used for leadership election. (#2807, @HoogWater)

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