github cerebroapp/cerebro v0.4.0

latest release: v0.5.0
14 months ago
  • fix: fix lint error
  • Simplify development and test configuration (#378)
  • fix: remove publish
  • chore: bumb node version
  • feat: Add transparency to BrowserWindow options (#430)
  • feat: Add config option to hide on blur (#454)
  • fix: serif font on systems that do not define a system font (#455)
  • feat: style scrollbars (#422)
  • chore: update package.json
  • fix: Move event handling to before the 'preventedDefault' property is read (#435)
  • feat: Open cerebro window on Active screen (#416)
  • chore: bump electron version
  • feat: add install plugins manually (#518)
  • feat: add env and dotenv (#519)
  • Add extension to .eslintrc (#472)
  • Merge pull request #487 from saadmk11/change-theme-readme
  • Updating the to Document how to change Themes

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